Did You Know Your Produce Isn’t Clean After You Wash It? Introducing a Smart New Device That Removes 99% of Pesticides and Bacteria

By Jonah Starr | June 13, 2022

“If you’re like me and you want chemical and bacteria-free food for you and your family, you need to try this!”  — Amy P.

Traditional Methods for Washing Produce: Are They Safe?

Every mom considers it a win when her kids happily eat their fruits and veggies. However, even though you may buy organic produce and rinse it off with water, there’s still danger left behind.

Pesticides, bacteria, fertilizers, parasites, and more won’t come off with a simple water rinse. Soaking them doesn’t help either as you’re only letting these fresh foods marinate in the chemicals.

Those expensive produce washes don’t do the trick either. There is no difference between rinsing your veggies in tap water and using these vegetable washes to reduce pesticides on your produce. Plus, these pricey washes often leave behind an unpleasant taste on your foods. 

That means even though you’re trying to feed your family healthy foods, you’re inadvertently serving up germs and dangerous chemicals with every mouthful.

How Chemicals in Food Affect Your Children

Children’s organs, particularly the brain and nervous system, are still developing. At this stage, the liver and kidneys aren’t able to remove pesticides and other chemicals as well as those organs in an adult’s body. As children often eat and drink more in relation to their body weight compared to adults, this can give them an even higher dose of these dangerous toxins. 

Charlotte Vallaeys, the senior policy analyst at Consumer Reports said, “Sadly, there’s a lot we don’t know about the human health effects of pesticides in food.” Organic produce is often recommended, but these foods can be more expensive. Plus, organic standards do allow some use of pesticides as well. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that exposure to pesticides is connected to an array of diseases and chronic conditions, including but not limited to asthma, Parkinson’s disease, prostate cancer, and lung cancer. Even in low levels of consumption, these chemicals can cause health problems. 

Children are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and later in life, a link was established between pesticides and a greater risk for Alzheimer’s disease. The scariest part of it all is that no one is completely sure of just how devastating these chemicals can be for anyone over the course of a lifetime. 

What Can Be Done?

The best way to prevent health problems down the road for you and your family is to ensure that you clean your fruits and vegetables properly. But knowing all this now, how are you going to remove those nasty chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, parasites, and other dangers lurking in your fresh foods?

This innovative device is making it easier than ever for moms to confidently serve fresh, clean produce by removing 99% of the contaminants for truly healthy eating.

Stop Serving Up Chemicals and Switch to This Innovative Produce Cleaning Device

Removes 99.9% of Pesticide and Harmful Chemicals

Saves Time and Energy

Uses no Harsh Chemicals

Increases your Appetite for Fruits & Vegetables

Simple to Use & Easy to Clean

Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Design

If you want to be completely sure that you have cleaned the pesticides and other nasty chemicals from your foods, Purepod Purifier is the next-generation pesticide purifier that you need. It removes up to 99% of the bacteria and pesticides on your produce in a completely natural way.

No more harsh chemicals will be in your salads or fruits. You get to save money from those vegetable sprays and expensively-grown produce, and you will prevent exposing your family to health problems later on. Plus, once those nasty compounds are removed from your foods, they’ll taste even better, like they’re meant to taste.

This small gadget is easy to use, clean, and take along anywhere too. It safely and naturally cleans your fruits and vegetables by generating OH-Ions that wash 99% of those chemicals away. With high-energy ion purification, there are no added chemicals going into your food. Completely waterproof, it simply goes in the bottom of your bowl of water and eliminates all those horrible toxins right before your eyes. 

How Does The Purepod Purifier Actually Work?

They have spent years developing Purepod Purifier to remove more than 99% of the most common pesticides using electrolysis.

Here is how it works. Water molecules are split into hydrogen(H+) and hydroxide(OH-) ions, and you will see tiny bubbles forming. This electrolyzed water creates an alkaline environment and along with Chlorine in your tap water breaks down the benzene ring or molecule structure of chemical pesticides turning them into harmless non-toxic substances that you can easily wash off with water.

Don’t have chlorine in your water? No problem! Just add a teaspoon of table salt. Salt is sodium chloride after all.

A lab test, conducted by the world's leading lab testing organization headquartered in Switzerland, confirmed that 99% of Chlorpyrifos, the most common pesticide, was removed after just 5 minutes. Additionally, it was concluded that using electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water to wash the vegetables did not affect the contents of Vitamin C, which inferred that the applications of EO water to wash the vegetables would not result in loss of nutrition.

If you are wondering why not just buy organic. It turns out that there are over 20 chemicals used in growing organic foods and pesticides sprayed from airplanes can drift onto organic farms.

It is Strong yet Lightweight, Looks Sleek, And It Will Last Almost a Decade

Built like a tank. That's how I would describe Purepod. BPA and PVC Free, made from high-quality ABS ensures that Purepod will last you about 8-10 years. Which is incredibly impressive! America-designed Purepod is built to last and serve you for a long time. I hate products with parts that have to be replaced every so often just to work as intended. Purepod is the complete opposite of that. It's one and done type of product. ABS used to make Purepod is quite possibly the highest quality food-grade material that could have been used. Its staple molecular structure and production process make it 100-200% stronger... creating a stronger yet lightweight product that will last.

Purepod’s intelligent, modern-style design features a Twist'n Lift™ top for easy disassembling when it is time to clean it. The sleek and seamless magnetic charging port on the back. The Purepod is IPX7 waterproof rated, which is one of the highest waterproof rating devices can get.

Purepod is powered with a 4400mAh battery that will last around 30-40 cleaning cycles. Recharging takes about 4-5 hours which is great, considering it has to be done every 4-5 weeks if used daily. 

Here's What Satisfied Purepod Customers Had to Say:

Don’t take it from us:

“It's an absolute must-have in your kitchen. You will be disgusted at the nastiness that comes off your fruits and veggies after cleaning them! Happy and satisfied.” — Lena S.

“It really tastes better after being purified! I didn't believe it at first - but this little thing does some kind of magic. Need to try! "— David T.

"Was really skeptical to this thing at first to be honest, but it really exceeded my expectations. The water is soo gross after it's done, just like in the videos. Have I really been eating all that?!” — Brooke M.

How Does Purepod Purifier Compare To Regular Washing Methods

Other Methods

99.9% Effectiveness, Cleans 67 Different Types of Pesticides

60% Effectiveness, Removes Only Certain Pesticides and Bacteria

Uses Electrolysis Cleaning Technology   

Uses Acetic Acid and Chemicals That Can Be Harmful

5-minute Cleaning Cycle

15/20 Minutes Soaking Sessions Needed

Enhances The Taste of Your Fruits & Veggies

Leaves Awful Aftertaste

8-10 Years Lifetime  

1 Bottle of Fruit Cleaner, Last 2 weeks

Cost Friendly ($99 1 time purchase) 

$780 a Year On Commercial Cleaning Products

When I first saw this device online, I was a complete skeptic… it’s really supposed to remove all pesticides and bacteria from the fruit and veggies? To me, it sounded “too good to be true.” But I knew the brand, Purepod, had a good reputation for quality products. I skimmed through the rave reviews and was convinced to try it.

Right off the bat, I noticed Purepod Purifier is better built than I expected. It was a pleasant surprise: it feels sturdy and well built... more than anything, it feels like quality. I’m huge on quality of quantity, and this thing does not disappoint: it feels strong yet lightweight, quality yet I didn't pay a fortune for it.

I gave it a shot that same day. I went through my usual lunch prep routine, but I used Purepod Purifier to wash vegies and one thing immediately stood out: the water got so much dirtier. I left the Purepod in the bowl like the instructions said and checked back after about 5 minutes. Normally, there would be some color change in the water and some things floating in the water at this time, but I was shocked at how dirtier the water was and how many more particles were floating this time.

After a couple of weeks of use, I can confidently say: Purepod is the last produce wash method I will ever use. It gets the job done better than any method, and it doesn’t ever leave any smell or aftertaste. Plus, I love not having to worry about washing it all the time because it stays clean for weeks.

Bottom Line: If You Want to Protect Your Family from Chemicals, You Need Purepod Purifier!

Every mom wants to protect her children from danger. It’s why you teach them to look both ways when they cross the street, not go off with strangers, and other tips to keep them safe. But the danger is still in your home, in your kitchen, on every plate of produce you serve your children.

With Purepod, you can confidently feed your kids the healthiest foods of all, saving them from a potential lifetime of chronic illnesses and diseases by eliminating 99% of the chemicals and reducing that toxic load.

How to Try Purepod Purifier Risk-Free Today

Now you can get complete peace of mind for serving the healthiest, freshest foods to your family by trying Purepod risk-free. It’s not available in stores, and for a limited time, you can get it at even greater savings.

Simply visit the Purepod website and place your order. Then use it to clean all your fruits and vegetables every time!


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