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I-BEST Applications

Washington state community and technical colleges that want to start a new I-BEST program submit applications online using the SBCTC . (I-BEST stands for Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training.)

I-BEST program application titles are 1A.3 - I-BEST Professional-Technical & I-BEST Expansion Application (appears in FY14) and 1B - I-BEST Academic Program Application (appears in FY12). If you do not have access to the applications, please contact your organization’s .

Accurate course coding is crucial to the success of I-BEST and for colleges to receive the enhanced FTE funding that comes with I-BEST programming. In conjunction with program planning, please consult the I-BEST Coding Brief.

When submitting an I-BEST application, refer to the Workforce Education Professional-Technical Programs for approved program names and CIP codes.

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