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Placement 360: Implementing Multiple Measures

Moving Through Design to Practice

Is your college looking for support to fully implement multiple measures? Do you wonder how to navigate the larger cultural shift away from placement as a static experience and towards a participatory, dynamic, and educational process?

In partnership with expert practitioners our community and technical college system and funded by College Spark, Placement 360 offered a yearlong mentorship opportunity for cross-functional campus teams as they implemented multiple measures on a broad scale to effectively, efficiently and equitably place students.


Jennifer Whetham
Program Administrator, Faculty Development

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While many of our colleges have access to multiple measures, many of our colleges use “alternative placements” as exactly that — alternatives. A single measure, Accuplacer or a similar placement test, is often used as the primary measure for the majority of our students system wide.

igkbet娱乐官网Implementing a multiple measures approach requires:

  • Effective collaboration with multiple stakeholders on campus
  • Complex institutional navigation (shifting resources, understanding registration and enrollment systems, institutional politics)
  • A major paradigm shift away from placement as a static output and towards placement as an educational process
  • Creation of tools for implementation, training, and assessment of the multiple measures approach

igkbet娱乐官网If your campus has developed alternative measures for placement (such as high school transcript grids), or is in the process of developing a tool, you know the substantial amount of time and consideration it takes to create a meaningful tool that correlates to your courses. Once the measure/tool is created, the degree to which it is used for placement relies on many factors that require inviting different stakeholders to the table.   

Therefore, participation in Placement 360 will help your campus

  • create (or strengthen) how your cross functional team works collaboratively to ensure successful implementation of multiple measures on your campus;
  • find time, space, and generative structures so your team can identify achievable goals and a realistic plan;
  • provide scheduled support and accountability as your team moves through its plan to fully realize your campus goals.  

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