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Assessment, Teaching, and Learning (ATL) Quarterly Retreats

Faculty members, staff and administrators charged with faculty development and/or outcomes assessment are invited to the quarterly Assessment, Teaching, and Learning (ATL) retreats.

igkbet娱乐官网Whether you chair the outcomes assessment committee, direct a teaching and learning center, or offer faculty in your department professional learning opportunities, the retreats provide professional learning opportunities to support your goals.


Jennifer Whetham
Program Administrator, Faculty Development

Jackie Eppler-Clark
Instructional igkbet娱乐官网 Specialist


ATL Quarterly Retreats 

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The people who attend these retreats hold different roles and different positions on their campus; attendance is not restricted to a single role (faculty, staff, administration, eLearning, etc.). No other convening in our system has such a diversity of members in terms of role. Due to this diversity, people who attend these retreats work at different levels of the organization and engage with different problems of practice.

For example:

  • Local/Individual - "What does a new faculty member need to know and be able to do during the first year on our campus?"
  • Collective - "What kinds of professional learning opportunities do faculty need for shared problems of practice in my campus context (i.e. closing equity gaps)?"
  • System Level - "What are the system-level problems of practice that come up at council and commission meetings (such as IC, ATC, eLC) that could be addressed with faculty development?"

As a group, we work to collaboratively and creatively problem solve around these issues as they exist at these multiple levels and in different contexts.

There is growing recognition that assessment, teaching, and learning are the center of our big picture work: improving the quality of student learning is central to the success of our system goals of increasing completions, closing equity gaps, and guided pathways.

This group engages inquiry around a key question: What kinds of professional learning opportunities will support faculty as we work collectively towards these larger student success outcomes? 

This group balances support for professional developers as they address needs specific to their context and advocacy work at the system level.

 At the retreats, we

  • research, develop, and collect promising practices in faculty professional development;
  • provide different kinds of learning experiences (workgroups, mentoring, sessions) around these practices so you can take them back to your campus and employ them;
  • work together so that no one organization must bear the burden of funding and developing faculty development programs alone.



ATL Quarterly Retreats

  • Fall 2019: Nov. 14-15, 2019 - North Bend
  • Winter 2020: March 26-27, 2020 - North Bend
  • Fall 2020: Nov. 19-20, 2020 - North Bend
  • Winter 2021: March 11-12, 2021 - North Bend



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