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Applied Baccalaureate Degrees

Raising the Bar in Higher Education

igkbet娱乐官网Washington needs more people with bachelor's degrees, and the state's colleges and universities are stepping up to help. As part of that effort, community and technical colleges work with their local communities to identify areas of need and develop educational programs that will meet the demand for an educated workforce.

The result: successful alumni, healthy families and a prosperous Washington.


Jamilyn Penn
Director, Transfer Education

Increasing Bachelor Degrees in Washington

Community and technical colleges play an important role in producing baccalaureate degree graduates in Washington state. SBCTC advocated for community and technical college applied baccalaureate programs to help:

  • Meet state goals for increasing the overall number of baccalaureate degrees awarded to 42,400 per year. The community and technical college system will need to increase the number of their students who transfer to a baccalaureate program to 22,000 by 2030 including 1,400 baccalaureate degrees awarded.
  • Expand the workforce mission of community and technical colleges to serve the needs of local and state employers.
  • Increase educational pathways for professional and technical associate graduates who have been limited in their ability to apply credits toward a bachelor degree. The workforce student population is comprised of a large portion of people of color, older working adults and people (women) who are place bound with family responsibilities.


Background Information

igkbet娱乐官网Applied baccalaureate programs started after the 2005 Washington State Legislature passed giving the State Board authority to select pilot programs at designated community and technical colleges. As part of the , the status of applied baccalaureate degrees offered by Washington state's community and technical colleges was changed from pilot to regular status.

In 2012, the Washington State Legislature  authorizing the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges to offered by community and technical colleges.

Programs in Development

Continued development of applied baccalaureate programs  help meet community demand.

Current Programs

Applied baccalaureates approved and accepting studentigkbet娱乐官网s.

Approval Process and Applications

Find information on the applied baccalaureate program approval process and application materials igkbet娱乐官网for your college.

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