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Information Technology Service Desk

Get help, resolve problems, report bugs and get information about the IT systems and SBCTC-supported applications all in one central place.

How Customer Support Works for You

Route all calls, faxes and emails through Customer Support to avoid risk of delayed response.

  • Reported issues are logged in a call-tracking system and routed to the right consultant or analyst. If a consultant or analyst cannot return your call promptly, the Customer Support coordinator will notify you of the delay.
  • The Customer Support coordinator monitors requests throughout the day. For each call, fax or email message received, the coordinator creates a Support Request and assigns it to the appropriate consultant or analyst.
  • The consultant or analyst will contact you and give you a Support Request number. Use this number when making additional calls related to the same issue, or when faxing or emailing any other information regarding the issue.

Customer support or campus IT?

igkbet娱乐官网Your campus IT department is often your first point of contact for system problems. Before contacting SBCTC-ITD Customer Support , follow the policies and procedures to get help at your campus.

igkbet娱乐官网Campus procedures vary, but your college IT staff can often resolve log-in or connectivity problems and may have assigned application (FAID, FMS, PPMS, SMS) coordinators who can help with local processing issues.

To Contact Customer Support

igkbet娱乐官网Have the following information ready:

  • College name and campus
  • Your name, telephone number and email address
  • Application or product (for example, FAID, FMS, PPMS, SMS, UDALink Reporter)
  • Version of application or product
  • An ID number for any of the following that apply: screen, report, job, job group, session, or LDEV number
  • Identification number (for example, Student ID and Employee ID)
  • Error message and number (screen prints can be faxed or emailed to Customer Support )
  • A precise explanation of the problem
  • A description of the steps required to reproduce the problem
  • Is this problem preventing you from continuing your daily work?



igkbet娱乐官网If you reach voicemail, leave a detailed message, including:

  • College name and campus
  • Your name, telephone number and email address
  • Detailed description of your question or problem

After hours

igkbet娱乐官网Customer Support responds to calls left after-hours beginning at 8 a.m. the following business day.



Because of possible delivery delays, do not send high priority support requests through email.

Email disclaimer: Email is not secure. Do not submit sensitive information, such as passwords, social security numbers, SID numbers or personal identification numbers (PIN) in emails. Use fax, phone, or courier mail.

Contact Customer Support

Phone: 360-704-4357
Email: support@sbctc.edu

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Closed state holidays and weekends (4:30 a.m. Saturday until 6 a.m. Monday). 

Official holiday schedule

Urgent After Hours Contact

Phone: 360-704-4357

Hours: 7:00 a.m. Monday to 5:30 a.m. Saturday

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