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Financial Aid Council

The Financial Aid Council (FAC) is a council of the Washington State Student igkbet娱乐官网 Commission (WSSSC), an organization of administrators primarily responsible for student services in the community and technical college system.

FAC's purpose is to:

  • Address financial aid issues related to the community and technical college education sector.
  • Address issues related to all sectors, but in which the community and technical colleges have a vested interest and may want to pursue a different course of action than another sector.
  • Provide a focal point for communication between the community and technical colleges, other sectors, the Washington Financial Aid Association, the Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, the Washington State Student igkbet娱乐官网 Commission, the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, the Washington Student Achievement Council, the legislature, and all others interested in the administration of student financial aid at Washington state community and technical colleges.

Current Meeting

Details for the next meeting igkbet娱乐官网including registration, lodging, directions, agenda and more.

Members and Committees

Membership information including executive committee contacts, rosters and council liaisons.


Meeting minutes, materials and handouts from previous meetings.


Council resourcesigkbet娱乐官网 including constitution and bylaws.



Join an eList

Get involved in conversations with your peers at other colleges. Mailman Mail-Lists of interest to financial aid directors include:

  •  (Financial Aid Directors)

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